The Sound of Silence

I realize that I haven’t posted anything in a while and that may happen from time to time. ¬†Life gets busy, I don’t feel inspired to write, we’re tired, etc… there may be times when I go a week or so without writing anything….deal with it ūüôā This is a big week for us-Hannah is […]

The Real World-Oklahoma

When I was in college, MTV’s reality show “The Real World” made its debut…..and I was a huge fan. ¬†This was when they really did just pick seven college-aged or older kids to live in a house together and see how they interact instead of casting stereotypes or roles (naive southern girl, gay male, fraternity […]

And Now For Something Completely Different……

This is my first non baby post but there will be some of these from time to time…….we had a men’s breakfast this morning at Crosspointe Church¬†and it was really good. ¬†The speaker was Jed Chappell¬†from Victory Church in OKC and he shared his testimony of how God changed his life-very powerful stuff. ¬†Also talked […]

I’ll try to remember this….

I really like this guy’s blog and this post was great…..maybe I can figure out how to just repost it someday but for now just click the link below to see what it is…. Life to Her Years. I promise not to just copy links to other sites often but this piece of advice really […]