A Hard Day’s Night

Wow, it’s been three weeks since I last blogged and I’m sorry about that.  My one reader may not care but I really have meant to write more often…..anyway, here’s the latest.

Hannah’s first adoption hearing went well as did our first post=placement interview with the agency….only two more of those to go and about six months then Hannah gets to take our name.  We’ll have a special family celebration to mark the occasion I’m sure.

Hannah’s been going through a growth spurt lately where she is hungry all the time when she is awake.  She’s sleeping pretty well at night (usually with one time to wake up for a feeding around 2:00 or 3:00) but the rest of the day has been all over the place….sometimes she doesn’t get hungry for three or four hours….other times it’s one and a half to two hours…..just very inconsistent and a tad frustrating to two parents who like a little more structure in our lives….oh well, babies are a little bit about changing our own paradigm right?

We’ve made trips to see both sets of grandparents over the last couple of weekends and I think we learned a valuable lesson in overstimulation.  People came to visit and she was passed around to a lot of people which left her pretty worked up both weekends…dad may have to learn to politely tell people “Sorry, she’s had enough holding for today”.  I suspect that rule probably won’t be enforced to grandmothers 🙂

Had a couple of late night rides in the car and we’ve discovered some really good songs to play for her from a company called “RockABye Baby!”-lullaby versions of popular songs by all kids of artists-U2, Aerosmith, the Beatles, Elvis, Guns N Roses, etc…..it beats singing along to “Wheels On The Bus” I promise.

Upcoming stuff-I have my first long work trip soon-I’ll be out of state for an entire week.  That will be tough on me but probably also on Lea Ann.  I worry a lot that she gets stuck with the lion’s share of taking care of Hannah but I try to help as much as I can at night but when I’m gone for a week, it’s all on her….I’ll pray that it goes well and if you live in Norman, feel free to come by and help her out at night 🙂

OK, that’s it for now-not a great post but I’m at least back up on the horse again.

Love you Hannah!


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