The Sound of Silence

I realize that I haven’t posted anything in a while and that may happen from time to time.  Life gets busy, I don’t feel inspired to write, we’re tired, etc… there may be times when I go a week or so without writing anything….deal with it 🙂

This is a big week for us-Hannah is one month old on Wednesday and we have our first post-adoption meeting with the agency.  They just want to see how we are doing and visit with us a little bit.  There are a total of three of these meetings over the next 6 months before the adoption is finalized.  Friday is the rescheduled court hearing for her birth mother and after that we are having lunch with her.  I imagine that will be a very emotional meal and time for all of us but we really do appreciate her selflessness in all of this.

We also have a couple of baby showers this weekend-one done by my best friend and his wife and the other by our Sunday School class.  People have been so generous to us during this and it’s humbling to realize how many friends you have and how much they care about you.  Can’t thank them all enough.

Hannah seems to be settling into a decent sleep routine (I’m probably jinxing it by saying that) only waking a couple of times before morning….sometimes she goes right back to sleep and sometimes….well, not so much.  We’ve moved her into her crib in her room and I usually take the first feeding because it’s easier for me to stay up late.  One of the things about adopting a baby is that since she drinks formula exclusively, I can share in the feeding experience.  Depending on her mood, feeding can be a calming time or pretty crazy…if she’s really hungry and starts to cry, she gets too worked up and starts sucking in air while feeding….which leads to gas….which leads to pain….which leads to more crying-not good.  I’ll really be glad when she learns that we’ll be there to provide food for her and all she has to do is ask for it-I figure that will be when she’s about 21.

BUT, when you can start to feed her before she cries, it’s pretty cool…she’ll just lay there and stare at you while she quietly drinks the bottle.  A quick side note here…..formula smells awful.  Some company should invest in making it smell better-both going in and coming out if you get my drift.  Back to my point….those quiet moments when she just looks at you are pretty cool.  It’s almost like she’s letting me know that she knows I’ll be there for her when she needs me and is just quietly spending some time with me….those are usually the times that she falls asleep laying on my chest and that is still about the best feeling around.

We did have our first experience of going for a late-night ride recently…..put her in the car seat, had some nice quiet music…and maybe a quick stop at McDonalds for some french fries-hey, there has to be some benefit to driving her around at 1:30 AM right?  And you know what, it really does work-there is something about the motion and vibration of the car that put her right to sleep….we drove across town to make sure she was sound asleep before coming back home.  She spent the night in her car seat-let sleeping babies lie, right?

One thing I’ve learned not to take for granted is the rare moment where it is quiet….I used to not care for silence but now, I really do cherish it.  If Hannah and Lea Ann are sleeping and the TV is off I can just think about the day or simply enjoy the silence-it also makes for a good time to blog 🙂  But as a wise woman once said “Sleep when baby sleeps” so I will wrap it up.  Goodnight and Happy Birthday Hannah!


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