And Now For Something Completely Different……

This is my first non baby post but there will be some of these from time to time…….we had a men’s breakfast this morning at Crosspointe Church and it was really good.  The speaker was Jed Chappell from Victory Church in OKC and he shared his testimony of how God changed his life-very powerful stuff.  Also talked about not letting bitterness towards others grow in our heart and the importance of forgiveness-not just because we are supposed to but because it usually ends up helping us as well….I’ve learned over time (and it’s been a stubborn lesson for me-just ask my wife) that often when I pray for others I find that it is MY attitude that is changed.

In baby news, I’m sitting on the sofa watching her sleep in her little vibrating swing-she really loves that thing so we may spend a small fortune in batteries for it 🙂 My wife’s parents came up yesterday and my parents are arriving soon so our little girl will have lots of visitors this weekend….hoping seeing people will make her tired and easier to put to sleep tonight….we shall see.


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