Well, there was a small delay in the adoption process……because Hannah is Native American, her adoption falls under the Indian Child Welfare Act and her tribe had not responded to the paperwork in time….they have until mid-August so the birth mother wanted to make sure there were no tribal issues before she signed off…she’s still committed to the adoption and we appreciate her wanting to make sure everything is taken care of properly……so still a few more weeks before we can post pictures but we can wait.

Had my first interesting diaper experience tonight…….I was trying to give Lea Ann a full night of sleep but needed her help around 4:45 AM as we experienced a blowout in the middle of a diaper change….fun times and sorry Mom.  Hopefully, a night with only one interruption was somewhat helpful 🙂 Hannah did well for me tonight sleeping almost five hours between feedings once!

We have grandparents on the way this weekend and one set has offered us a dinner out alone on Friday while the other set has offered to take night duty while they stay here on Saturday.  Can’t tell you what a blessing an extended family is during this new phase.  It really helps to know you have family ready and willing to lend a hand.


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