The Greatest Love….

Well, tomorrow (Tuesday) is a big day in our lives…..our daughter’s birth mother goes before the judge to terminate her rights. I can’t imagine what that would be like…..we’ve had this little girl for just over two weeks and I can’t imagine giving her up for anything…..birth mothers who give their children up are such courageous women.  I know I had some pre-conceived ideas in my head of what a typical birth mother was like but as we went through this process and met some women who had placed their children for adoption-all I could think about was how brave they were.  They put the needs of their child first and in the end, isn’t that really what being a good parent is all about?

So my thoughts and prayers tonight are with our daughter’s birth mother.  I want to thank her for the incredible gift she gave us and also hope that she can find some peace in the fact that Hannah will grow up knowing how much her birth mother cared for her.  She entrusted us with a huge responsibility and we’ll work hard every day to hold up our end of the bargain by taking care of Hannah and providing for her.


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