Things I Have Learned

These are just some of the things I have learned in the past two weeks….

  • Babies are resilient-their arms and legs bend more than I ever thought they would.  I was terrified of hurting our daughter while putting her clothes on or moving her to my other arm but she’s pretty tough
  • Our baby lets us know when she wants something….at this newborn stage, she mostly sleeps and wakes up to either eat or let us know she needs a diaper changed.  I’m sure it will get more complicated later but for now, it’s not too tough
  • The only time of day she really wants to be awake is right as we are wanting to go to bed 🙂
  • Her umbilical cord stump is pretty gross right now…we’re hoping it falls off tomorrow
  • Formula smells awful and we have yet to figure out if it’s easier to prepare bottles of ready-made formula and put them in the refrigerator before going to bed (forcing us to warm them up before feeding her) or make each bottle as needed from powder….we’ll see on this one UPDATE-It appears that the powdered formula causes our baby to have very painful gas so we’re going back to the ready-made liquid UPDATE 2-It may not be the powder….it could be colic instead……fun times 🙂
  • The one place that almost always helps her go to sleep is laying on her daddy’s shoulder-and that is pretty cool to me
  • I have managed to avoid the majority of gross diapers so far-got a feeling I’ll get paid back BIGTIME on this one soon
  • My wife is AWESOME!  She is tireless when it comes to our daughter and cares enough about me to make sure I’m getting some rest to start the week off.  I love her so much and appreciate her-I only hope I’m doing my part in this new journey of ours
  • I’ve found a blog from a dad that I want to follow and I love his “Rules for Dads with Daughters”…..gonna put some of these on my bathroom mirror to remind me of them

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